Menu – Take Away

Breakfast (until 11:30)

Bacon baguette£2.95
Sausage baguette£2.50
Bacon and egg ciabatta£3.25
Bacon & cheese ciabatta£3.10
Cheese & tomato ciabatta£2.75
Cheese & onion ciabatta£2.75
Tea-cake with preserve£1.50
Two slices of toast with butter and preserve£1.40


Main Menu

Jacket Potatoes

Served with any of the following fillings:

.... tuna, sweetcorn and mayonaise£3.95
.... coronation chicken£3.95
.... coleslaw£3.60
.... cheese & bacon£3.95
.... beans and cheese£3.60
.... chilli & cheese£3.95


Served on a choice of white, brown or granary bread.
Baguettes also available for an additional £1.

Bacon & egg mayonaise£3.60
Bacon & avocado£3.95
Bacon, lettuce & tomato£3.50
Bacon & turkey£3.75
Coronation chicken£3.95
Italian chicken & salad£3.95
Turkey, stuffing & cranberry£3.95
Ham salad£3.50
Ham & cheddar£3.50
Hot chicken baguette£3.50
Tuna, sweetcorn & mayonaise£3.50
Tuna, feta & red onion£3.75
Prawns with Marie Rose sauce or mayonaise £3.95
Stilton, cranberry & salad£3.10
Egg mayonaise and salad or cress£3.55


Hot Brie Bacon and Cranberry Slices of bacon combined with melted brie and cranberry sauce make this a sweet and savoury delight.£4.45
Avocado, Bacon & Roast Mediteranean Vegetables sliced ripe avocado, bacon & select vegetables roasted in olive oil & herbs.£4.45
Italian Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes & Mozzarella diced chicken fillet bound in our special Italian style mayonaise, combined with the finest sundried tomatoes, pesto & complimented with mozzarella£4.45
Roast Mediterranean Vegetables & Mozzarrella Cheese selected mediterranean vegetables & mozzarella cheese gently heated.£4.45
Roast Ham, Stilton & Poached Pear a delicious combination of sweet poached pear and honey roast ham, topped with traditional creamy blue stilton then toasted ... a definite favourite !£4.45
Spicy Cajun Chicken marinated chicken in our own combination of cajun spices & onion, stuffed into the panini & toasted.£4.45
Chicken, Brie, Red Onion & Lemon Mayonaise creamy brie combines with delicately flavoured chicken, melted together with a kick of red onion.£4.45
Tune & Cheese Melt special tuna, red onion & mayonaise melted with a mild cheddar cheese... always a popular choice.£4.45
Mushrooms & Stilton sliced mushrooms and melted blue stilton combined to pack a lot of flavour !£4.45

Salad Box

Salad Box Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cress etc plus one filling.£3.95

Homemade Soup

Made fresh daily.
Please see Twitter feed in left margin for today's soups.
Baguette and butter portion£0.50


Additional filling for jacket potato, salad box etc£0.75



Cakes etc

Slice of any of today's cakes. Please ask to see today's list.£2.50
Pavlova - meringue base with cream and fruit topping.
(Subject to availability)



Hot Drinks

Coffee - Americano£1.45
Cafe latte£1.70
Coffee Flavourings, eg hazelnut, vanilla, caramel etc - please ask to see current list.£0.75
Tea - PG Tips£1.25
Tea - Fruit and Herb Teas - Please ask to see current list.£1.25
Hot Chocolate - Cadbury's finest£1.75

Cold Drinks

Draught Pop / Soda
Choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Energy Drink or Sparkling Water.
Wide selection of cans of pop / soda.£0.99
Bottles of water£0.99
Bottles of soda / pop, 500ml£1.40



A full breakdown of allergens, such as gluten or shellfish, is available upon request.